Fan-to-Fan Resale Tickets

What is it?

We began this program late in the 2015 season as a service to our customers. We provide a safe and secure outlet where a customer can sell tickets they no longer can use to other fans who are looking for tickets. We can guarantee the authenticity of each ticket and seat location for peace of mind for both the buyer and seller. This same service cannot be provided on any other third party site selling after-market tickets.

How do I sell my tickets?

Visit the Resell page resell page and enter the amount you would like to sell each ticket for. Then, hit the button to apply the changes. It is as simple as that. Your tickets will go up for sale on our website immediately.


The seller establishes the pricing and is typically whatever the market will bear. Many resale tickets will be priced higher than the original face value of the tickets, sometimes two and three times the value. Some customers will pay that premium for the seats they want. Please do not ever pay more than you are comfortable paying for any tickets. We charge the sellers fewer fees on the face value and incrementally higher fees on the amount over face value as a way to encourage reselling tickets for as close to face value as possible.

Why do it?

We feel it can be a great service to many of our customers, especially season ticket holders and other frequent customers that buy a lot of tickets. It gives them the confidence to be able to buy more tickets knowing they can always resell them at a later time if they end up not being able to use them all.

The secondary market has become more and more prevalent in the industry. More people are willing to buy secondary market tickets from third party sites than ever before. We feel that is alright except for one small problem. We cannot provide any services to the customer that bought their tickets from someone else. We cannot communicate important information to them about their tickets or the event because we do not have their contact information. Worst yet, if there is a problem with their tickets or they purchased fraudulent or invalid tickets from a third party, we cannot help them remedy this problem. This happened hundreds of times at our sold out events in 2015 and that is when we decided to do something about it. If we provide this service, the resellers will use our service and we will be able to better service the ticket holders as a result, ultimately.

Why do you allow pricing to exceed face value?

If we do not allow the resellers to charge the maximum they believe the market will bear, they will use other third party sites to sell their tickets, instead of ours, placing us back in the same predicament of not being able to provide quality service to all the people attending our events.

Why is it not always available?

The availability of our resell program is up to the individual artist(s). If the artist(s) do not want this service active for their event(s), it will not be available.

Can I use the layaway program?

Sorry, our Layaway Program is not available for the purchase of resale tickets. Resale tickets must be paid in full at the time of purchase. You may apply our gift cards, however.

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