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Reserve Your Seat(s) for the Whole Season!
Season tickets are an excellent value. Save Up to 50% Off the Face Value!

Reserve the same seats for the entire season.*

Actual tickets will be issued for each event.

Access to certain VIP amenities including The VIP Entrance, Red Stripe VIP Lounge and the new private restrooms.**

*Certain Restrictions Apply to General Admission or Special Admission Events, i.e., Cabaret Seating, etc. Some shows that have a Stagefront Pit will have the first 9 rows of section 1B, and the first 8 rows of sections 1A and 1C removed. Some shows may have a large PIT and all of the seats will be removed in sections 1A, 1B and 1C. in both instances the season ticket holder will receive Pit tickets. Does not include make-up dates from previous seasons.
** Available to price levels $1,399.00 and up.
*** Parking is not included with the purchase of tickets

OnSales & PreSales

General Public Onsale: Friday, October 4th, 2013 10:00 AM

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Inner Circle

Inner CircleBecome part of the Inner Circle and always be the first group to get in. Members also get their own entrance, own bar lounge and their own private restrooms!

Bank of New Hampshire Cardmember Presale

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 Bank of New Hampshire Exclusive Cardholder Presale

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Pavilion Front Row Center - P1 (Access to certain VIP amenities including the new, private restrooms$3,399.00$0.00$3,399.00
Reserved Pavilion - P2 (Access to certain VIP amenities including the new, private restrooms.)$2,499.00$0.00$2,499.00
Reserved Pavilion - P3 (Access to certain VIP amenities including the new, private restrooms.)$2,099.00$0.00$2,099.00
Reserved Pavilion - P4 (Access to certain VIP amenities including the new, private restrooms.)$1,899.00$0.00$1,899.00
Reserved Pavilion - P5 (Access to certain VIP amenities including the new, private restrooms.)$1,799.00$0.00$1,799.00
Reserved Pavilion - P6$1,299.00$0.00$1,299.00
Reserved Sect 2, Rows 4-23$1,099.00$0.00$1,099.00
Beringer Club Seating Covered (Including Cocktail Waitress Service)$1,499.00$0.00$1,499.00
Reserved Pavilion - P8$999.00$0.00$999.00
Reserved Pavilion - P9$899.00$0.00$899.00
Lawn Seating (General Admission-Not Covered)$599.00$0.00$599.00

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