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Everclear / Sugar Ray / Gin Blossoms
Lit / Marcy Playground

KaelumWay (5:00 PM)

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The band rose to popularity in 1995, the trio's hook-ridden songs and Art Alexakis' "us against them" lyrics were taken to heart by bored Gen-X teens. Everclear's sound reflected the rock, post-punk, and singer/songwriter influences of frontman Alexakis, including acts like X, the Replacements, the Pixies, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, and Elvis Costello. Also instrumental to Everclear's success was the group's obsessive touring schedule and aggressive self-promotion tactics.

In May of '95 the band released their breakthrough album, "Sparkle and Fade" which generated national attention from its hit "Santa Monica." This album began to break Everclear away from its punk roots and on to the now evident, pop/rock, Everclear is known for today.

In October of '98 Everclear release SMFTA, which still haunts the charts. Art describes his record's life on the chart as "an aunt that just won't go away. She comes for the weekend and stays for a year." That's alright for Art though, He enjoys life with his wife Jenny and daughter Annabella, who was born in '91.

Biggest Hits for Everclear:
1. Santa Monica
2. Learming how to Smile
3. I will Buy You a New Life
4. Normal Like you

Did You Know? Art had a lot of experience in the music industry prior to Everclear. Some of the bands he has been in are Colorfinger and The Easy Hoes.

Sugar Ray

Sugar Ray turned out several of the most breezily infectious summer singles of the late '90s, hitting on an appealing combination of sunny pop, lightly funky hip-hop grooves, and reggae lilt. Pegged as likely one-hit wonders after their 1997 breakthrough smash "Fly," Sugar Ray managed to maintain their career momentum far longer than many observers expected, helped in no small part by the teen-mag pinup looks of lead singer Mark McGrath. Of course, it also helped that the band was able to duplicate the carefree vibe and effortless catchiness of "Fly" on its subsequent singles.

In 1995 Sugar Ray released Floored, became double-platinum hit thanks to "Fly," a laid-back groove tailor-made for summertime. With help from reggae toaster Super Cat, "Fly" set new airplay records at modern-rock radio, and reigned as perhaps the most ubiquitous hit of the summer. The song didn't sound much like anything else in Sugar Ray's repertoire, seeming to come out of nowhere.

Sugar Ray delivered their third album at the beginning of 1999. The title, 14:59, was a wry reference to Andy Warhol's "15 minutes of fame" dictum, but as it turned out, the group's time wasn't up by a long shot. 14:59 wound up outselling its predecessor, eventually going triple platinum. The first single, the "Fly"-like "Every Morning," shot to number three on the pop charts and became the group's second number one at modern-rock radio. Their follow-up singles were successful this time around as well, as the hits "Someday" and "Falls Apart" consolidated the group's growing reputation for summery, radio-friendly alternative pop

Did You Know? Mark Mcgrath has a degree in communications and was a truck driver prior to forming Sugar Ray.

Gin Blossoms

After an impressive 1991 debut EP, Up & Crumbling, the Gin Blossoms rocketed out of the college pop charts and into the mainstream with their 1993 hit single "Hey Jealousy." Combining the ringing guitar hooks of the Byrds and R.E.M. with a solid, rootsy drive, the band's breakthrough full-length album, New Miserable Experience (which had actually been released the previous year), was filled with songs equally as strong as "Hey Jealousy," including the second hit single, "Found Out About You." New Miserable Experience and its singles dominated radio and MTV for the following year -- "Hey Jealousy" and "Found Out About You," both penned by Hopkins, were in heavy radio rotation nearly a year after their initial release -- pushing the sales of their debut album to over one million copies.

In the summer of 1995, the Gin Blossoms contributed "'Till I Hear It from You," a song they co-wrote with Marshall Crenshaw, to the soundtrack of the filmEmpire Records. "'Till I Hear It from You" became a major radio hit, but was never released as an official single until it was featured as the B-side of "Follow You Down," the first single from the group's second album, Congratulations...I'm Sorry. Upon its release in February of 1996, Congratulations...I'm Sorry charted well.

Did You Know? Over the 2010 Thanksgiving holiday the band traveled to Iraq and played a series of shows for American troops stationed there.


Modern rockers Lit formed in Orange County, CA in 1990 around frontman A. Jay Popoff, his guitarist brother Jeremy, bassist Kevin Baldes and drummer Allen Shellenberger. After years of sellout gigs at local venues like the noted Club 369 in Fullerton, in the spring of 1997 Lit issued their debut album Tripping the Light Fantastic; the record became a college radio hit and landed the group at RCA, which released A Place in the Sun two years later. The album was successful for Lit, for the mainstream caught on thanks to the catchy rock riffs of singles "My Own Worst Enemy," "Zip-lock" and "Miserable." They went on to share dates with The Offspring, No Doubt, and Garbage as well as earn a spot on the 2000 Vans' Warped Tour. "My Own Worst Enemy" also received awards from Billboard and ASCAP, and Lit was charged. A third album, Atomic was released in fall 2001; The single "Last Time Again," which was featured on the soundtrack to American Pie 2, was a moderate hit among modern rock radio stations. In 2004, Lit issued their fourth album, a self-titled effort that also marked their first release for Nitrus.

The band reported they were still in the studio their new album in July 2011, and released a demo video titled "You Tonight". Lit announced in December 2011 that they were back in the studio with producer to finish their new CD. It was also announced that the band had signed with Megaforce Records and a new CD would be released June 19th, 2012.

Did You Know? In 2011, Steven Tyler released his New York Times Best Seller autobiography, Does the Noise in My Head Bother you which featured a photograph taken by Kevin Blades (bass guitar, vocals). Stven Tyler refers to this photo as “My favorite Aerosmith pic of all time”.

Marcy Playground

Marcy Playground emerged in the late 1990s. Influences include David Bowie, Paul Simon, Neil Young, Van Morrison, Jimi Handrix, Syd Barret, Pink Floyd, Nirvana and the Beatles. The influences are quite clear on their self-titled album. Frontman John Wozniak’s first effort, Zog BogBean – From the Marcy Playground was self-produced, recorded in his bedroom studio.

After attending the Evergreen State College for two years, Wozniak moved east to New York, in order to work with Multi-Instrumentalist Jared Kotler who John had known from suburban Philadelphia. Jared believed in John's songwriting talent and put together money with his cousin Jeff White in order to pay for the duo to record at Sabella Recording Studios, in nearby Roslyn NY. After hearing the two records worth of material John had recorded of John's songs, Capitol Records became interested in the music. Kurt Rosenwinkel, a mutual friend, introduced bassist Dylan Keefe to John Wozniak and Marcy Playground began performing in NYC. The band was signed to capitol in 1995 and they performed a series of NYC club dates that would be the first incarnation of Marcy Playground as a band. The self-titled album was released in 1997, with the first single, "Poppies", released soon after. Marcy Playground emerged into the mainstream with the success of the single "Sex and Candy". The song spent 15 weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart. The album went platinum and managed to spawn two other singles, "Saint Joe on the School Bus" and "Sherry Fraser". Marcy Playground is quiet and minimalist in tone. Wozniak's songs run in many different styles: some are modern folk music; many have undertones reminiscent of children's songs; the blurred sound of psychedelia makes appearances; and then there are the songs with a clear rock sound.

Current Marcy Playground members are John “Woz” Wozniak, Dylan Keefe and Sclomi Lavie and the trio released an album titled Leaving Wonderland in 2009.

Did You Know? The band is named after the Marcy Open grade school in Minneapolis, which is an alternative school John Wozniak attended. He chose the name because many of his songs were inspired by his childhood.

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