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Sugarland(June 16, 2012) Premium Seat Auction

Auction ID:SUGAR12
Auction Item(s) Contributed By:Meadowbrook U.S. Cellular Pavilion
Proceeds to Benefit:Meadowbrook Charitable Foundation
Auction Start Date:Wed 05/16/12 7:00 AM
Auction End Date:Tue 05/22/12 12:00 PM
Face Value:$181.50 (Per Pair)
Opening Bid:$300.00 (Per Pair)
All amounts and bids are for pairs of tickets, not per ticket!
Auction Status
#Seat Groups (Pairs)Current Bid
1Section: B / Row: 2 / Seats: 21-22 0.00
2Section: B / Row: 3 / Seats: 21-22 0.00
3Section: B / Row: 4 / Seats: 17-18 0.00
4Section: B / Row: 4 / Seats: 19-20 0.00
5Section: C / Row: 3 / Seats: 5-6 0.00
6Section: C / Row: 3 / Seats: 7-8 0.00
7Section: C / Row: 5 / Seats: 5-6 0.00
8Section: C / Row: 5 / Seats: 7-80.00
A valid bid under your account would appear on this list in this yellow color.
Auction Has Ended.
If your bid is in yellow, you are the winner of that auction item(s). The auction transactions are processed manually so please allow up to 24 hours after the end of the auction.
Meadowbrook Premium Seat Auctions
Each grouping is a pair of tickets. Bids are the total amount for the pair, not per ticket.

Bids are ranked first by the amount, then by the time that the bids were placed with earlier bids for the same amount receiving priority. If other bidders later submit higher bids, your bid may be reassigned to a lower Ticket Group or you may receive no tickets at all if your bid falls off the chart completely. You must keep track of your bid through the website. There is no email notification of bid updates.

You cannot have more than one valid bid at a time for the same account.

You may bid as many times as you like. Bidding a higher amount automatically removes your previous bid of a lesser amount.

Bids may not be cancelled or revoked for any reason.

Your credit card will be authorized and the amount of your bid will be held against your available credit but your card will not be charged until and if you are the eventual winner of one of the ticket groups. Delivery Fees are not included.

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